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Data Breach Breakdown 12-2-2015

Crazy stuff as we are hearing details about some 4.3 million adults’ and some 200k children’s’ accounts have been compromised by compromising 1 company I had no clue about this but Experian releases annual data breach prediction. If you used to play...

Rouge Employee – Steals Customer Data

Data Breaches, Stolen Contacts, Stolen Personal Info, Stolen Processes, Deleted Customer Lists on and on… Something that none of us want to hear, but it happens everyday somewhere someone steals, deletes, loses, or otherwise access data they should not. It is...

Quick News Recap 11-20-2015

China still hacking into Business Computers – China Didn’t Stop which is a great reason to get our service for your business. ISIS should watch out for Anonn. Today I saw this story about criminals hacking is more like “paint by numbers” these...

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