Computer Clean-Up and Optimization

$360.00 $249.00

  • Pop up blocked
  • Malware, Viruses, and more Removed By Expert
  • Malware etc blocked
  • Computer Speed Optimized


Simple 1, 2, 3 on your part.

  1. Pay
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Optionally watch as our tech thoroughly cleans your computer.

Get your PC cleaned up by an expert. Better PC Health will have you back up and running better than when your computer was new.

Complete Service

We remove all viruses and malware, leaving your computer in better shape for you to get your work done faster.

Security is a top concern. By using our service you can ensure your computer is running the most secure possible. We ensure your security is right where it needs to be.

Because we care about the speed at which you are able to operate and the level of security surrounding your environment. BPCH will also update all of your drivers and firmware. This will ensure your computer is running the most efficient possible.

The entire process is visible. You can see the whole thing as it happens. Our expert IT person will work hard as you watch.

No need to fuss with wires or other obstructions.
No need to unplug your computer or take it somewhere.
No more secret handoffs to unknown persons behind a corporate counter.

The other computer stores all act the same

These guys all operate under the same model:

  1. your computer breaks or gets infected
  2. you bring your computer to one of these guys
  3. they fix only the problem you brought it in for
  4. you take your computer home with a host of other problems

These guys all make more money when you have more issues. However, we have the only 6-month guarantee. We are also the only IT service designed to lose money when you have problems and make money when we can keep you problem-free! That is why we offer our Pro-Active Computer Plan

This process takes several hours to complete, but your computer will be accessible during the process if you let our tech know that you need to do something.


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