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The Pro-Active Computer Plan is designed for after we have cleaned your computer we want to make sure it stays in top running shape. To do this we have a created a Pro-Active maintenance plan designed to stop problems long before they start.

Stop paying to recover from the damage after it is done. Stop paying for data recovery after it has already been lost.

We work hard to keep your computer from getting infected and keep your hardware running in tip-top shape. This prevents data loss and prevents malicious access to your machine and data. We just work hard to block the things that cause the problems. The best part is if something does go wrong you can call, email, or submit a support ticket and we will take care of it right away as long as you are on our maintenance plan. We know we can do this because already over 100 computer are protected Pro-Actively and we see far fewer issues than their counterparts (300% or better improvement).

  • Stop most problems before they start by letting us keep your computer updated
  • Eliminate the issues on contact by allowing us to monitor Virus and Malware scans
  • Avoid surprises through our advanced methods of tracking Hardware status
  • Your membership allows us to block known issues as soon as we find them
  • Browse with confidence knowing we block known malicious sites and addresses
  • See and feel the improvement as we tune your performance on a regular basis

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