Managed Service

Managing your systems can save you time and money. Free yourself and your employees from the easily forgotten and underappreciated tasks needed for your computers to function correctly. Let Better PC Health take care of it all!

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Better PC Health will help your business secure its computers. BPCH audits your systems on a regular basis to ensure that your data is safe. Using Better PC Health will bring you to a new level of security.

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Savings All Around

Save time. Have a little more peace of mind. Know that your data and your customer’s data is safer. Save power costs. Often times we can tell a customer beforehand when hardware is about to fail.

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Beta testing our new business command center - We don't replace your IT person we relieve their workload!

Available to those that have been visited by a Hektech representative. Better PC Health by Hektech is offering beta pricing and the ability to lock in beta pricing for up to 2 years, simply provide feedback. If a rep has not been by click More-Info and fill-out the form and let us know you want us to come by! Also we would like to point out that we don't need to replace your IT person we can reduce the cost you spend with them. Managing your IT service with us is like hiring an IT staff.

Better PC Health is now a Service of Hektech!!!

Better PC Health is offered by Hektech, and has been created to proof a concept. Current customers will enjoy improved services, and a new reporting system. New and old customers will be eligible for special discounts and introductory pricing as we restructure the Better PC Health service. New customers will be pleased to know that we do not replace your current IT people we just reduce your overall IT costs. Our service is like having a full-time IT staff watching all the appropriate systems and making the appropriate changes when needed.