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What Computer Should Architect Get?

The following links dynamically update when needed. Some of them may be affiliate/advertising links, but using them supports this site and costs you nothing extra.When building a computer for architecture work there are several considerations. Knowing what you are...

How to Windows 10 Update

How to Windows 10 Update

The Ultimate Guide to Windows 10 Updates - Easy to Hard and Errors Learn all you need to know about Windows 10 Updates. I will show you how to update windows 10. The guide starts from easy and progresses to advanced methods, and ends with error fixes. There are 4...

Be Careful: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Guest network

Be Careful: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Guest network

Posted by Nathan Johns I found a great article By Michael Horowitz "The Guest networks offered by most routers are a nice security feature. By keeping visitors away from the main network (both wired and wireless), they allow for the safe sharing of Internet access...

12-2-2015 Hacking Update (News and Opinion)

This post missed the original posting date due to an error. Please enjoy! Sounds crazy to me but the New York Times is reporting that we can find the best hackers in Argentina... Go figure. Seems years of oppression and fighting back have paid off for the right kind...

Data Breach Breakdown 12-2-2015

Crazy stuff as we are hearing details about some 4.3 million adults' and some 200k children's' accounts have been compromised by compromising 1 company I had no clue about this but Experian releases annual data breach prediction. If you used to play poker you might be...

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