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Hey! My name is Spencer Heckathorn and for the last 15+ years, I have been the go-to guy for computer help and fixes in my family and community. Around 2011 I started Better PC Health to help people and businesses that needed a little extra help.

On the business side of things, it has always been my dream and passion to help the company that is just big enough to need an IT person but not big enough to actually afford one. This passion started when I saw the struggles my grandparents faced running their business which had more computers and computer run machines than it had people. Viruses and malware, updates gone-bad, and failing hardware you name it and we faced it!

It was always painful to see the repair guy come out and hand them a $500 or $1,000 bill. So in college, I started learning about computers and got a job in the Net Lab and that is where my passion for computers and programming started. Once I was out of school I helped my grandparents on a regular basis and it always seemed someone else would come around needing more help as well.

Better PC Health is a managed IT service that uses software to help you manage your IT systems with ease. You can get a simple package that will help you manage updates and security scans and settings. We also offer a fully managed service which will monitor computers, handle updating, alleviate your security concerns, and warn you about pending hardware issues. Moving forward I will be adding tons of tutorials and information to this site to help those that want to do all the work themselves.

Thank you for checking out this about page!

Spencer Heckathorn

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