Quick News Recap 11-20-2015

China still hacking into Business Computers – China Didn’t Stop which is a great reason to get our service for your business. ISIS should watch out for Anonn. Today I saw this story about criminals hacking is more like “paint by numbers” these days.

Now it seems Georgia is giving away user info through some error or flaw against their voters, they blame clerical error, but a lawsuit is now in the works. This may be an interesting story by Trend Micro about data breaches and the damage they cause.

Something cool about a new tech that promises to remove that annoying snow and dust from your videos. Also, some more new tech that claims it will make winter roads safer.

Thank you for taking a look, in our own quick recap we have our store working. Thanks to woocommerce for making something that works so darn easily, Please check it out and order our PC Cleanup Service and/or a Year of Service. Get the 2 together for an Easter Egg style discount.

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