Data Breach Breakdown 12-2-2015

Crazy stuff as we are hearing details about some 4.3 million adults’ and some 200k children’s’ accounts have been compromised by compromising 1 company

I had no clue about this but Experian releases annual data breach prediction.

If you used to play poker you might be interested to know about this data breach that happened in 2009-10. Neteller (3.6 million accounts)… Yup that very payment processor that we sent our money or made withdraws using is implicated in this one. Also skrill 4.2 million accounts, something I have heard of somewhere but don’t remember what it was for or how it was used. However, this story is reporting that the people in this breach are “safe”… Basically, they are saying that only 2% of these customers were actually active and had card data on their accounts… I say that’s dumb a lot of information can be gathered from a little data. Not many more details in this story.

This looks like an interesting article on “How you can predict” data breach at your own company.

Seems late to the game but the League of Women Voters is looking into the Georgia data breach. Basically, they are asking someone else to take a look…




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